#Who Counts In Global Media: News Values

Count Me In

Deciding who counts in global news in a conscious decision. Media outlets decide who and what constitute news. While events cannot be entirely fabricated the media holds incredible power in determining what audiences experience as news. From the lecture this week it can be acknowledge that news ‘happens’ in particular ways. For instance pseudo-events: stories made into news in lieu of significant ‘news-worthy’ events, for example the birth of a new animal at a zoo. Narrativisation of news: stories which take a narrative form to peak audiences’ interest, for instance stories which follow an individual’s experience through an event such as education or the workplace, making them count. News can incorporate visual imperatives or audio to engage audiences in a story to make them better believe that the story ‘counts’ as news. Aspects of a story may be emphasized to convey relevance to audiences of an otherwise unrelated background, to make the news ‘count’. Techniques such as continuity, composition and personalization are all engaged by media outlets to convince audiences that the ‘news’ reported, is in fact news. The media can decide who is important according to the values and viewpoints of the media corporation. It is less about who counts in global news, and more about how they count and why.


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